covid-19, April 10, food by mom
covid-19, May 8
covid-19, May 4, 11:58 am
covid-19, May 3, 11:35 am
Lemon #1
covid-19, May 2
covid-19, May 1 to the workers and their labor that keeps us all going
covid-19, April 29, fake burger/fake 4th
covid-19, April 28
covid-19, April 27
Yellow, Again (for spudnik and CAC)
Not Ice Cream (1.b.)
covid-19, April 26
covid-19, April 24, best meat(less)balls by mom
Stones Soup
covid-19, April 21, mine is better
Not an Egg, 2018
covid-19, April 19, 12:03
covid-19, April 16
covid-19, April 13, second lunch
covid-19, April 12
covid-19, April 11, it rained today
Soup of the Day (No Soup)
covid-19, April 9
covid-19 Seder for two. Gefilte fishless
Blue Curry, Roni Packer,2015, oil on woo
covid-19, April 5, he doesn't like beets
home, there are days that I truly miss my studio lunch for one, April 1
covid-19, Tel Aviv, March 24
covid-19, Tel Aviv, March 30
spring salad, covid-19, Tel Aviv, April 1
Ice Cream (1.a)
Getting ready to Barely Fair 9/2019
Two Spreads (opening event)
Two Spreads (closing event)
covid-19, April 18; purple flwers, glass noodels, and golden berries
Breakfast mid-May 2019
wip April 2019
covid-19, May 13, 12:14
Jumping Beans with Mike Lopez, 3:18
6018 North, June 2018
ripe lemons (fall 2018)
Chick-Peas 10/5/2016
covid-19, Tel Aviv, March 21
mini croutons
11/2/2016 12:07
Chick-Peas 10/5/2016
10/2/2016- Rosh Hashanah Leftovers

Breakfast mid-May 2019