Suspending (new pink), 2019, enamel pain
New Navy Blue
Clutching (unused pocket), 2019, enamel
untitled (I want you to love me)
Brownboard Pilot Study #2
Brownboard Pilot Study #1
Brownboard Pilot Study #3
untitled, 2019, enamel on canvas, 19”x20
Ankle Bracelet
Plate (e. home plate)
Citron (1.a.fruit)
Citron (1.a.citrus fruit)
If I Had Painted in the East
Lemon #2
Lemon #3
Circle (1.c.)
Circle (verb)
untitled (not a kite), 2019, enamel pain
untitled (not a drawer), 2019, enamel pa
untitled (not a cd), 2019, enamel paint
Leftovers for 8.5"x11"
Eighteen Lemons
Yellow (1.b)
Yellow (1.a. color)
Yellow Gesso
Yellow Gesso
untitled (yellow skin)
untitled (envelope)